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EMF Harmoniser by Green Ray Technology

image of family with emf harmoniser
family protection from the EMF Harmoniser

The concerns of geopathic stress are greater than ever today, with an ever increasing threat on our health and well-being. Electromagnetic fields are the unseen danger all around us, the EMF Harmoniser is the latest, most cutting edge device available to help offset the effects of radiation and EMFs from devices in your home such as Wi-Fi, mobile phones and other hazardous dirty electricity contributors within the home.

What does it do?

The machine enables you to offset much, if not all of the ‘dirty electricity’ in your household, resulting in a more harmonic environment for you and your family, helping to safeguard your wellness and boost your vitality.

How does the EMF Harmoniser work?

It is designed to react with it’s surrounding environment, it transmutes the negatively charged electrical field into a positive energy field, enabling protection within the living space.

This technology doesn’t disrupt the working of your devices, they will carry on as normal, serving you as you would expect.

The devices are very affordable, especially when you consider the well being benefits to your home environment and the cleaner, safer space in your home for you and your family.

The benefits include

• Better sleep
• Clearer thinking
• Diminished aches and pains
• Less prone to headaches and anxiety
• Feeling more rested
• A sense of well-being and relaxation
• Boosting the immune system
• Protection against harmful energies caused by Wi-Fi and electrical gadgets and wiring

Installing the EMF Harmoniser

The Harmoniser simply hangs on the wall preferably close to the centre of your home or office.

Increasing bombardment of harmful energies

Area of protective coverage

Please order the size you require dependent on the area you need to cover. The machine generates a circular harmonising field.

We can advise you of which model would best suit your needs should you need our assistance.

  • Small unit -10 metre    (approximately 1-2 rooms coverage)
  • Medium unit – 100 metre     (approximately 2 – 3 bedroom house coverage)
  • Large unit – 200 metre    (approximately 3-5 bedroom house coverage)

You may place more than one  EMF Harmoniser within larger areas to enable full coverage if needed.

Here are photo’s taken with a similar technology to Kirlian photography.

The photograph manages to capture the energetic signature of the human Bio field and demonstrates the bio field colour of the individual in the first picture. You’ll notice the Bio field resonates a violet colour.

When bringing an EMF Harmoniser into the picture you’ll note the dramatic bio field colour change. The colour is now indigo. This is just a visual example of the effect of the instrument on our energetic and physical body.

EMF Harmoniser Testimonals

We have definitely noticed a difference since installing the EMF Harmoniser. The Home environment is much calmer and peaceful, and we are nowhere near as tired!! This has been a big improvement as we are both busy and need our time. I am much more focused and less anxious, so much so I can get up early now to get things done achieving so much more throughout the day with seemingly little effort!

Michele B. Worcestershire

We do what we can to help the wellbeing of our family. We are very conscious of needing to make the right choices in what we eat and drink as well as taking excercise etc. I was really pleased to find there was a method of protecting the home from emf pollution and decided to bite the bullet and invest in the large model EMF Harmoniser after hearing good reviews. I wasn’t disappointed either, since it’s been hung in our home we’ve noticed the kids are calmer, we sleep much better! My wife no longer seems to get headaches either, brilliant!

Liam A. Liverpool

Electronic frequencies of so many kinds including cell towers, 5G LED street lights and a weather modification centre are a huge problem where I live. After receiving the Harmoniser I noticed the difference on day one but thought it could be something to do with other things I was doing for my health. On day two I was feeling stronger and more motivated to do the things I had put off for years. On day three I had the best sleep ever in 4 years or so. It is not like that every night and it is best to use everything you can against these frequency problems.
On day four I went back to see a very highly qualified osteopath and naturopath who does radionic hair tests and there were unusually high improvements in my levels.
Eye inflammation was 30 and now 50
Liver was 50 now 65
Etheric energy was as low as 30 and now 72
Muscles was 60 now 72
Hypothalamus was 66 now 72
Adrenal was 40 now 58

Duncan James Smith. Swansea UK

So pleased to have found this excellent product. My sons immune system seems so much better since installing the Harmoniser, no cold sore eruptions. We all sleep better too, one of our best buys ever.

Mandy B. Worcs

We have noticed a big difference since purchasing the Harmoniser. I love how the house feels. I wouldn’t be without it.

L. West Shropshire

The EMF (electro magnetic field) Energy Harmoniser  protects from damaging radiation

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler. Jersey

I am so impressed with the physical and mental relief it brought in only three hours of its arrival yesterday.

When I woke this morning after sound sleep I knew it worked.

I’ve researched 30 years to find something that really works for me as I’m HIGHLY sensitive to radiation from computers and mobile devices. I’ve tested it with my EMF Meter, I’m on line for so many hours each day.

This is my lifeswork!

Cilla Rodgers. Lincoln

Dear David

I just wanted to let you know that we are finding the EMF Harmoniser very beneficial.

Both my husband and myself could feel its presence and the positive effect from it as soon as it arrived.

We are sleeping well and feel better during the day.

Best regards