CytoDoc owner David Salt has been involved, studied and lived a life of natural health and healing for the past 30 years. CytoDoc is all about natural healing at cellular level, providing clean water drinking systems, like the Megahome Water Distiller to provide a method to remove inorganic compounds from the body. It makes great sense to feed the body with pure water since we are comprised of 70% + water.

EMF protection in this day and age is now vital to the support of your health especially with the ever advancing roll out of 5G around the world. We are blessed to support the new launch of the ground breaking device the ‘EMF Harmoniser’ from ‘Green Ray Technology’, this device is built to protect your living space, install it in your home by just hanging it on the wall as it quietly works away in the back ground, transmuting dirty electricity and radiation fields into an energetic field that is non harmful and safe for humans and animals. Many people notice better sleep, less irritability, aches and pains disapear, no more headaches and many more positive outcomes.

Following on from The ‘EMF Harmoniser’, Scalar technology, found in phone protectors and Jewellery is a great way to help mitigate some of the effects of dirty electricity, after all everyone of us is now heavily exposed to radio frequencies and harmful magnetic fields, which undoubtedly impact our general health, blood systems and immunity, not to mention the impact it has on the brain, sleep patterns and moods. It’s also vitally important to discharge our excess electrical energy via Earthing Products, this helps with many things including our blood systems and immunity.

Sota Instruments, We stock the full range! Sota Instruments basic wellness kit should be a must have in everyone’s home. We strongly reccomend you do your research on this range of amazing machines.

Ionic Silver, this product probably represents the best value Ionic Silver on the market, look no further than Opti Silver 100 by invision. Take a look at the video, this product it powerful at 100ppm and it’s a really small particle size!

We also feel it vitally important to support the body with excellent nutrition since so much of the health supporting vitamins and minerals are now only available at very low levels within most fruits and vegetables and food stuffs. Wherever you can eat organic.