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Deuterium Depleted Water Video

Deuterium Depleted Water and it’s founder

Deuterium Depleted Water is vital to homeostasis as well as highly beneficial to health and well being of the human body.

Gábor Somlyai PhD

Hungarian Dr Gabor Somlyai was the founder of Deuterium Depleted Water.

Dr Gábor Somlyai findings

In 1993 Gabor established HYD Ltd Research and Development (now HYD LLC. for Cancer Research and Drug Development) to carry out cancer research and drug development based on the proprietary procedure called deuterium depletion.

Book Defeating Cancer, an invaluable read

His book, Defeating Cancer!, was published in Hungary in 2000. It has since been published in Romania, Japan, China, South-Korea and the U.S.A.

Dr. Somlyai Patents

Gábor is a holder of numerous international patents, an author of more than 40 scientific publications, and is a highly sought-after speaker at international conferences.

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