EMF Harmoniser launches!

EMF Harmoniser protection from harmful radiation and 5G

Great news guys! We have now launched the brand new product EMF Harmoniser by Green Ray Technology.

It’s a device offering the transmutation of dirty electricity, EMF’s or harmful radiation fields. The range at the moment consists of three different sizes of machine that hang on the wall and will happily do there work with no electricity feed or maintenance (wow, we really have entered the beyond technological world, this machine is self powering)!

The EMF Harmoniser cleverly reacts with the environment, to transmute the negatively charged electrical field into a positive energy field. This technology doesn’t disrupt the working of your devices, they will carry on as normal serving you as you would expect.

The devices are very affordable, especially when you consider the well being benefits to your home environment and the nicer cleaner space in your home for you and your family.